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Are you here for what is SEO landing page? If yes then you are in the right place In this content we are going to learn about landing pages. Landing pages are nothing but destination page, in simple words, it is a page where the visitors get into after clicking the searching result pictures.

Landing page Is a page of the websites which have been advertising on the search engine result page.  So it is very important to design the landing pages in such a way that the visitors come to find them attractive and the most important part is that they find what they are looking for.

The thing the landing pages do the work you actually have to optimize your websites which is like loading pages, your URL and also there are many things once you get into it.

So, the thing is that if your landing pages is attractive then you will have the more chances of having clicks. Usually, landing pages are two types one is transactional and the second one is reference pages.

Below we are going to mention some of the tips for creating the best SEO landing page.

  1. Custome URLImage result for what is SEO landing page

So, if you are in a content marketing system then you have to be accurate and create your own page. And again, if you are publishing your landing pages with your domain then you might be having advantages of small ranking for the people

  1. Determine your keywords

Let me tell you one thing keyword is one of the most important parts for your SEO landing pages. This very important part that helps your websites to rank your websites in Google search engine pages.

So, be in search of something good keyword which really helps your websites to rank.

  1. Include keywordsImage result for Include keywords

Include keywords in landing pages by which you make sure your websites get ranked in google search engines.

Now it doesn’t mean that you are not maintaining the keyword density, you should maintain the keyword density of 3 to 4 % in every content.

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