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Search engine optimization also called as SEO is one of the most important part of digital marketing. In simple terms SEO mainly focuses on increasing traffic to the website in an organic way. SEO is divided into two parts that is On page SEO and Off page SEO where on page SEO is all about working on website and Off page SEO is all about working on backlinks, social bookmarking sites and many different things. Working on a website at the backend can be a little difficult if you are not an expert in HTML or coding. So here some best tips and tricks for seo with wordpress that will boost your website.

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Some of the best tricks and tips for working on a seo with wordpress to boost your traffic are:

  • The most important factor to boost your SEO for a website is buy picking up the best webhost as the speed of a website also matters and is one the ranking factor for SEO where the loading time for a webpage with heavy files should also not take more than 1.5 seconds.
  • The second important thing to do to start for a WordPress Blog is by ticking on the discourage search engines from indexing this site until you don’t fix your site and it ready for the search engines to crawl.
  • Always alter the default the permalink setting in WordPress which should be a little simple and not complicated. Changing the permalink to month and name or post name are the best options on WordPress.
  • There is option of plugins in WordPress which makes your work more easier. One of the most important plugins for your website to rank are XML sitemap plugins that will link to search engine to index your content on site little quickly.
  • Another important plugin to be installed is any SEO plugin that will give you many different options and features for your website to work.

These are some of the best tips and tricks on seo with wordpress are to be considered for having a boost on your website by these amazing features on WordPress. I hope you have liked this article and found it useful. We hope you have got all the necessary information that you wanted to know. You can contact us for any queries or suggestion you would want to know. Do not miss out on the latest post that we will be writing for you.

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