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Knownhot, launched in the year 2005 is an American hosting company. The core of the operation remains in US with three state of art data centres in Maryland, Texas and Washington State is the support office of the company is located in Birmingham, Alabama. Moreover no not operates one oversea data center in Amsterdam

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Quality matters much more than quantity irrespective of what business you are into your website will be representing the quality of your work provided by your company and therefore if you give at most priority then known host is an ideal option to go at with in order to launch our website on the web coronavirus is known for offering excellent performance virtual private servers and dedicated server hosting guaranteeing amazing speed high availability and lots of storage space option

Businesses with heavy traffic can rely on known host for online store known host is truly reliable as these are the kind of credentials you will need for peace of mind it will give you a sense of satisfaction and confidence that you will be functioning just right giving complete hassle-free experience to the uses

Technical details

Known host is known for offering fully managed web hosting plans only and this conveys that they take complete care of all the tech related stuff for their uses in simple words you will no more have to be a digital base in order to run a website which looks appealing and performs great. With dollhouse as your web hosting service provider each of the technical aspects will be taken care of us it is all the part of their service

World class infrastructure

quality of the infrastructure and 24 by 7 available technical support team at the two main reasons for known host to be in top position when it comes to best web hosting service providers in the world today each of the known hosts data centres are highly reliable with multiple connections to the biggest network carriers in Europe and USA

Free website migration

Not happy with your current web hosting service provider looking for options, known host can be one of the most preferred web hosting service providers that you can opt for. the technical support team of lol host will help you migrate your existing website to known hosts were completely free of cost depending upon the control panel that you will be currently using if you see panel directadmin known as will transfer your website over to cPanel. migration of website from other control panel is charged at an early pricing basis

Uptime guarantee

Server downtime is highly unappreciated by the search bots as well as  by the clients. In order to keep your visitors stick to your website, it is important to have a dedicated uptime. You can consider Knownhost for the same as it has been maintained a consistency of providing 99.9% uptime guarantee which is remarkable, this way you will impress your existing users as well as the potential clients.

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