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Udemy is one of the most reputed and trusted online learning centers. They have been providing proper online coaching for quite a lot of years. On Udemy, they also offer some digital marketing courses as well and if you are looking for those, then you are at the right spot. Here we have provided a list of some of the best free digital marketing courses available on Udemy. Hopefully, the provided will be of help to you.

Free Digital Marketing Courses On Udemy:

The Complete Digital Marketing Course:

One of the most extensive trainings in digital marketing, which will help you learn different concepts like Google Adwords, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Google Analytics and much more.

The course, which spans 20 hours and has about 8 posts, has already benefited a lot of professionals. You can also learn marketing strategies, market analysis, copywriting, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Quora Marketing and several other features along with the above topics.

Digital Marketing Masterclass:

This course will help you learn how to use social media, content & video marketing to quickly acquire your customers. Along with that, this would also help you get a better understanding of the digital marketing subdivisions

Online Public Relations, SEO, SEM, Facebook Advertising, Instagram and many more. Lots of professionals have already completed the class, who have rated it very highly along with positive feedbacks.

Advanced Google Adwords Training:

The developer of this program is a Google Preferred Partner certified, and has worked with several international companies and will share his decades of experience with the people around the world. The length of this training is about 3.5 hours and this is where he will teach you about the paying digital marketing advertisement aspect that many want to master.

Along with that,  he will also help you understand not only the fundamentals but also new innovations that are used in Adwords, such as using dynamic advertising and Google Display Network’s multi funnel remarketing strategy and search campaigns.

Digital Marketing Masterclass 2018:

Though this one might have been labeled as 2018 but this one still is one of the best courses available on Udemy. The course consists of 32.5 hours of online video tutorial and comes with 21 articles and 28 supplemental resources.

You will be taught about various concepts including Email Marketing, Copywriting & Blogging, YouTube Marketing, Video Marketing, Facebook Groups Marketing as well as Facebook Page Marketing.

So, these are some of the free digital marketing courses that are available on Udemy. There are few other courses too but those are quite outdated and it will be wise of you not choose those.

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