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If you are looking for free digital marketing courses on Coursera, then you are in the right place. Coursera has quite a lot of digital marketing courses and after the completion of every course, they provide a certificate as well. So, down below is a list of some of the best free courses for digital marketing available on Coursera.  Hopefully, the provided information will be of help to you.

Free Digital Marketing Courses On Coursera:

Social Media Marketing Certification:

It’s credential, offered by the Northwestern university that is well known in the field. But this is not the only reason to take the course as the syllabus is widely diverse and inclusive. It has numerous student feedbacks and suggestions and also it is a diverse course with lots of comprehensive material and details. This boasts fantastic feedback and comes with bonus materials with each toolkit.

Search Engine Optimization Certification:

SEO is one of the most common techniques for digital marketing. In the coming ages, it’s so critical that people with finance and accounting specializations are taking SEO courses too. This course already has over 24000 students who are learning it with interest. Within this course, there are 6 modules, and all are discussed in detail. Apart from that, you will also recieve a certificate after completing it.

Digital Marketing Certification:

This course is offered as part of the online MBA course, iMBA Degree. It already has over 30000 students enrolled. This includes an overview of 6 courses from industry experts. Kevin Hartman, Arif Rindfleisch, Mike Yao, and Vishal Sachdev teach it. It has 7 sub-topics that go into the marketing detail. The course is on a beginner-intermediate level and subtitles are provided for full comfort and comprehension in multiple languages including English, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more.

Marketing Strategy Certification:

This school has been previously listed on this chart. One of the other great courses IE business school offers is the certification of the marketing strategy. It boasts great reviews and Ramon-Diaz Bernardo, Associate Professor at IE Business School, teaches this. This has on-demand content for 4 hours, and assignments approved by 4 peers. This course is well structured to reach an intermediate level for beginners.

Well, these are some of the courses that are available for free on Coursera. Apart from all these, there might be some other courses too but the ones that have mentioned here are among the very best. So start learning them now.

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