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WordPress Website works the best when you get the perfect Google analytics tool for your site. The Google analytics plugins will help to track your site visitors and also provide you with all the essential details and information. This will help you in taking the best business decisions for your audience as well as for your business growth.

The best WordPress plugins will help your website grow and will also help in choosing the best ones for your need. Some of the best plugins which are always recommended for your websites are-

  • MonsterInsights
  • ExactMetrics
  • Analytify

With these efficient and best WordPress plugins you can easily track the number of visitors who visit your website and analyse them. It will let you know the demographics of your visitors and also let you know how others are able to find your website. You can also check on which particular posts and pages are getting much views. You can check the outbound and inbound links.

This will help you in shaping up your business strategy and also determine your growth. Using Google Analytics with WordPress is very useful. This will lead you to track code snippets to your site and also the plugins will break down the stats in your WordPress admin panel.

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It will track your website’s traffic very easily and shows you detailed reports about your visitors. It also offers you with universal event tracking and also collects useful data for you. It has file download tracking service which tracks how many times a file was downloaded.

It is a very powerful and popular Google Analytics Plugin which you can undoubtedly use for your website. It will take proper care of your site and also give you all the required information and keeps you alert on whatever that happens on your website.

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