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Search Engine Optimization is ruling the digital world now. And why not., the perks that search engine optimization gives to your business is barely possible by any other sort of marketing as apart from increasing your business websites visibility and search ability, it helps to build trust amongst the customers which is very much important. If you are planning to opt for search engine optimization for your business now, then there’s a lot that you need to know about as SEO which includes On Page SEO has its key factor. Basically, on page SEO helps the search engine to understand the website and the content and also identifies if its relevant to a searcher’s query or not. And for better results, we have curated the list of best on-page SEO techniques that you can work on, take a look below;

Publish high-quality content

For a website to rank, the quality of the content matters a lot. The better the content, the better the ranking. And it is claimed that a lengthy article is easier to rank than the shorter article. Ensure that the content you publish is actually beneficial to the users.

Meta Descriptions

Image result for Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are what that is visible to the audience in the search engine result page. Having a character limit of up to 200 characters, utilize it well by advertising and convincing the users to click on your link.

Page Title

Optimize the title has the users will show interest in reading the articles published by you. Have a short and catchy title for each page and posts. It would be great if you include the keyword in the page and post titles.

Use images

Readers would at some point of time will get bored while reading your article no matter how interesting the topic is. So, to avoid this from happening you can insert images to keep the content colorful that would stick the users to the article. Include Alt text and descriptions to images to make the SEO even better.

 Go for Internal Linking

Internal linking is considered to be the best way to let search engines know well about the other pages in your website, also by this the users will spend more time in your website which would eventually decrease the bounce rate and improve your SEO. But do not over do it, add maximum of up-to 15 links each page.

Also, have a well-organized content which means follow up a format sticking to heading tags. For such more updates and techniques about on page SEO, stay connected. Thank you for reading.

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