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There was a time where we were not able to keep correct analyses on marketing strategies and due to which it was difficult to make and plan for further. Now where most of the people are into digital marketing you can easily keep a track on every single detail that is necessary for every person to know. With the help of google analytics you can now keep a track on everything and know where your strategies that have been working successfully and where you have been going wrong which has to be corrected.

The Importance of Google Analytics - Fifteen

Some of the benefits of google analytics that you must know

  • One of the best points about google analytics is that it is for free. This is best for starters where they don’t have to pay a single amount and have complete details on it.
  • By using this tool will be able to know the source on how are your visitors are finding your website that will help you know on where you have to work and improve your marketing strategies
  • One more google analytics benefits that you can enjoy is that you come to know where your visitors are coming from that is you will come to know if your visitors are form which country, state, city and other tiny details.
  • Another advantage of google analytics is that you will be able to know on which is the most visited page and the least visited page also. By this you will get to know on which are the pages you have to work and rank them accordingly.
  • Another google analytics benefits is that you will get is you can know the real time stats. You don’t have to be wait for some days to measure your site but with google analytics you can get to know on every detail.
  • One more advantage is that you can know on which key words is getting you the most traffic. With the changing algorithm you surely want to know on which type of keyword is getting your more traffic and visitors to your site.

These are some of the google analytics benefits that you must know. With so many amazing benefits that every newbie can enjoy is that they also have a demo account that is same like a real account and get to know about their features they provide. Do let us know on how you found this post.

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