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Hosting is a type of service where it allows any individuals or organizations to host their website in any platform where it gets accessible to people via the world wide web. There are multiple web hosting service providers available where you can host your websites. Among all of them, in a very few service you will get the best features of hosting your websites, one of the most popular and widely used in India Webhosting provider is A2 Hosting. This is a traditional web host platform used by developers and general users alike. They offer the best services for every user who are a beginner in this field or for that enterprise-sized business. Let us take a closer look for the best features of A2 Hosting below.

Why A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting offers everything for those WordPress developer needs, from shared hosting plans for all the beginners to dedicated business hosting plans for professionals. The shared hosting plans of this Webhosting provider start with $ 3.92 per month this is one of the cheapest plans you can get. The highest plan ranges about $9.31 per month where you will get all the premium and the professional features. Let us discuss some of its plans in details below:

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  • Shared Hosting:

One of the best features of A2 hosting you can get is that it provides two different sets of shared hosting plans, one is for Linux servers and the other one is for windows servers. For both the servers the plans do differ slightly, the pricing starts with $7.99/month for Linux lite plan then comes the Linux swift/windows swift which is at 9.99/month. There are other plans as well such as Windows Swift, Linux Turbo, Windows Turbo with pricing starts at $11.99, 18.99 and 21.99 per month respectively.

  • VPS Hosting:

There are three different VPS hosting plans which are unmanaged, managed and managed with root access. The Unmanaged plans start from $5, $10 and $15 per month respectively and then the managed power, prestige and pinnacle starts from $49.99, $69.99 and $99.99 per month respectively.

  • Reseller Hosting:

Similar to shared hosting plans the Reseller Hosting plan also offers two sets of plans for Windows and Linux servers Hosting respectively. The features and pricing of these plans are quite similar to others as well. For Linux Servers the pricing starts with $19.99, $27.99, $36.99 and $61.99 per month for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum respectively. For the Windows servers, the pricing starts with $21.99, $29.99, $38.99 and $63.99 per month respectively for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum as well.

  • Cloud Hosting:

The Cloud Hosting presented by A2 are very simple with only three pricing tiers mentioning Start at just $15 Per month, Medium at $20 per month and Ace at $25 per month.

  • Dedicated Hosting:

The Dedicated Hosting plans given by A2 are similar to its VPS hosting plans where these are either managed, unmanaged or managed with root access. The pricing of this plan starts at $119.99 per month and exceeds up to $349.99 per month.

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All the above-mentioned plans were exclusively available only for A2 Hosting providers. If you wish to get some discounts in any of the plans then visit our website frequently. We hope you liked this article and we wish to see you soon again with more interesting reviews.

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