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Web hosting companies usually design their services according to the needs and demands of the top businesses and companies. Less they know that even small companies need a good quality web hosting service which can be suitable for their costs, expenses, requirements and business needs. FatCow is such web hosting company which focuses more on small companies and provides some best hosting services. It is a reliable web hosting company which comes under the Endurance International Brand is totally compatible with personal as well as business websites. They have numerous themes which are capable enough to make your website look attractive and unique. FatCow presently comes in the list of top ten web hosting companies in the world.

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Advantages of using FatCow

  • The FatCow team is well known to provide cheap, valuable and excellent hosting services to all its clients and customers. Though it has a silly name, but when it comes to performance and business, this web host is super effective. The best part about FatCow is that they are a green hosting company and this fact has attracted a lot many users around. Also, they have plans designed according to various website requirements and is suitable for almost all types of businesses.
  • The services offered by FatCow are super cheap and yet reliable web host which makes use of some robust servers that helps the users to operate websites in maximum speed.
  • FatCow also doesn’t offer any uptime guarantee. But when you start using this web host, you can notice that FatCow can actually boast of almost 100% uptime guarantee and also great responsiveness. Maybe they are waiting for the users to experience the magic themselves. As mentioned earlier, their robust servers ensure that the websites are super responsive and runs with high speed. In case one server goes down, the other server takes its place and this actually reduces the maximum chances of any downtime.
  • The data center of FatCow is located in Boston, USA which makes use of 800 servers. Also, you can be ensured about absolute security and surveillance as the center is 24/7/365 under tight security and observation. Apart from the physical protection, the servers are protected with the help of firewalls.
  • They offer unlimited bandwidth and also unlimited storage space with no usage limits.
  • FatCow provides the feature of Drag and drop builder which is an amazing site builder along with various useful templates.
  • Since they are a green web hosting company, all the sites hosted under FatCow will be run and operated by wind energy.
  • There are variety of tools which you can choose in order to make your website appear creative and also ensure a proper functioning.
  • Along with the website design and operation, FatCow also makes sure that your website is absolutely safe in their hands by providing your site with all the security measures.
  • With FatCow, you can witness how your site climbs search engine rankings and also performs well online.
  • This web host provides you with PHP 5 web hosting support and also unlimited MySQL databases.
  • The hosting plan is really simple and straightforward. There are no extra fees and also is easy to use. You can stop wasting time on other aspects and continuously focus on the development of your business.
  • With outstanding customer support services, you can even contact them at 3am in the morning for some website related help.

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Plan and Pricing

Price of the Plan $4.08/mo.
Setup Fees Free
Domain Names 1 free for the first year
Money back guarantee 30 days
Domains Per Account Unlimited
Emails Per Account Unlimited
WordPress Tool YES
24/7 Support Phone and Live chat

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Cons of using FatCow

  • Continuous up sells on its features.
  • WordPress installation can be a bit confusing and time consuming. It can take a lot of time.


FatCow has small number of plans and almost all of them are attractive when we consider their value aspect. You can do wonders on your website with the help of unlimited domain name and also unlimited storage. It is a satisfying blend of budget and performance. Hence FatCow is a good option for all the beginners out there who are planning to launch their first website online.

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