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About and Analysis

One of the leading American web hosting companies, Interserver was founded in 1999 by Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri. They have been providing quality web hosting services for the past 18 years and this hosting company is suitable for all types of businessmen from freelancers to big level enterprises both locally as well as internationally. It is well known for its best features. The control panel provided by this web host is extremely user friendly and can be used without any problems. You can enjoy unlimited storage and transfer while using Interserver and also receive cloud-based hosting solutions for your websites. Interserver makes use of dedicated servers and has also comes with 100% uptime guarantee on colocation. Interserver has been always aiming at providing best hosting services at affordable prices.

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Highlights about Interserver

  • Interserver helps with free migration services. You can easily migrate your website from the current host account to the server account.
  • Interserver absolutely works with dedicated servers. They use a high standard hardware which delivers great results. Configuration is excellent with up to 128GB RAM space available for storage and it runs smoothly with no issues in speed. The starting plan for this web host service is just $59/mo. which sounds highly affordable. The best part about this is that under this mere price, you will get all the top features that you need for your website to run and that too with high speed.
  • Interserver even supports reseller hosting. With the help of Reseller hosting, you can outsource the premium quality hardware which comes with the most attractive features.
  • This web host is the fastest of all. It is 20 times faster than other web host providers and it helps in running your website in the smoothest and fastest way possible. The support team is absolutely sorted and also with the help of Interserver, your website can do all the jobs easily and quickly. An instant business is what we always need.
  • The starting price of the VPS services under Interserver Web Hosting is just $6/mo. for Linux cloud VPS and if you choose Windows cloud VPS, it will just cost you $10/mo. Anyway, you can choose the plan as per your need depending on memory requirement, CPU cores and also CPU transfer.
  • Interserver has an amazing team of Customer support who are available throughout the day for solving your queries. There are facilities like chat window and also directly call an expert. All the queries will be attended to when you are using Interserver web hosting services for your websites.
  • An easy to use control panel always makes your business simpler and manageable. They have high quality and standard cPanel which is user friendly.
  • You can even choose the option of monthly payments under Interserver. Monthly payments can be flexible for certain people and they can pay it each month rather than paying it annually.
  • Interserver has got scalable VPS hosting plans such as Linux cloud VPS and windows VPS which comes at an affordable rate.

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Cons of using Interserver

  • There are no window servers when used with the cPanel.
  • Customers who are using unlimited SSD shared hosting plans will be considered as low performers.
  • You might face speed issues at times. This is not a frequent problem but something that you might come across at times.

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Final Verdict

There are variety of products and services available with Interserver. Also, it is one of those web hosting companies which strongly believes in innovation and creativity. All those webmasters who require high quality and full-fledged web hosting solutions must go for Interserver web hosting. The customer support is also satisfying and up to the mark. Interserver is an excellent tool for all those who are concentrating on online marketing and ecommerce businesses. Choose this hosting company and go for the best plan that is suitable for your requirements.

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