The Anxiety of Being in Debt

I’ve been working as a debt collector for the past year. Going into the industry, I totally expected to lose my soul to it. Part of me has had to harden up before the hard calls that I have to make. I understand the stress that comes with being in debt; it’s like a ghost that constantly haunts you. Except this ghost comes with friends who constantly call the home tyring to have you to pay it. I decided I wanted to know what it’s like so I read Professional Recovery Consultants reviews as my first choice for a future employer. Continue reading “The Anxiety of Being in Debt”

How To Create A Homepage That Drives Revenue


Your homepage is the most important single page of your entire website, bar none.

The question is, are you maximizing the power of your homepage? On far too many websites, the answer is an honest “no.”

Why is this the case? Why do homepages fail to live up to their raison d’etre? Why do they not drive more revenue for the business?

The causes are legion. The homepage is often a battleground of competing interests, a hodge-podge of unfocused strategies, a showcase for poorly executed redesigns, and a circus of sheer confusion.

Here’s why your homepage is important.

For most websites, the homepage receives more direct and organic traffic than any other page of the website.

  • To prove this point, I surveyed the first website that showed up in my Google Analytics. The homepage has 80% more traffic than the second highest traffic page on the site.
  • The site I analyzed has more than 90,000 pages, and the homepage receives more than 18% of all visits.
  • When I look at the data closely, I see that not only does the homepage get more traffic, but it gets more unique traffic. Out of all 90k+ pages,

The Value Of A Great Presentation…And Cost Of A Bad One


Q:        What is the value of a great presentation?

A:        The amount of the deal you are trying to win.

Q:        What is the cost of a terrible presentation?

A:        The same.

The lights dim and you sink into the conference room chair, bracing yourself for yet another sales pitch. You preset your expectation dial to low while selecting the highest setting for your anticipated frustration. You’re ready. And then the unusual happens. You are instantly engaged by the introduction. The presenter’s preparation becomes obvious, as she conveys relevant, appealing and even inspiring messages. “What’s going on here?” you ask, as you realize that your time is not being wasted. “This person has what I need,” you recognize, “and she knows how to tell that story well.” You want to do business with her.

Why is this scenario so rare in today’s business environment? With so much riding on our presentations—in sales situations, funding requests, conferences and career negotiations— why don’t we knock the socks off of audiences and connect deeply with their hearts and minds every time ? The more important question is: how can we do a lot better?

Elisabeth Osmeloski,

How Facebook's Changing News Feed Could Dictate The Future Of Content Marketing


Much in the same way that Google constantly refines its search algorithm by launching new updates and making tweaks, Facebook refines how it relates to users by updating its newsfeed display. To the average user, nothing is changing—these introductions are gradual and subtle, designed to be almost imperceptible while still improving the overall experience. However, the rapid-fire nature of these updates in the past few years and the scope of Facebook’s vision for the future are having a profound effect on the future of content marketing and how people use social media.

I want to start by taking a look at some of the significant updates that have shaped today’s average user newsfeed (aside from updates that have filtered out spam and hoaxes).

Increased Search Functionality

In December 2014, Facebook introduced multiple new search features for its users. Among these were a keyword-based search that allows users to look for old posts that were shared with them by certain other friends, and a feature that allows users to search for specific apps. This was the first major leap forward in terms of Facebook’s search functionality, but it wasn’t until 2015 that it developed a new

Do Not Let Your Business Drown with Poor Branding

Advertising a business was once as easy as distributing business cards and a well-placed newspaper ad. News travelled quickly through word of mouth about whether your products or services were worth a consumer’s time, and reputation held fast once established. Now consumers are more sophisticated, occupied by a thousand ways to obtain information instantly. This increased availability of information online, whether through a cellular device, a computer, or the millions of blinking advertisements that follow consumers everywhere they go, has brought both opportunity and challenge to advertising. It is important for the profit minded business to avoid marketing tactics that cause more harm to the wallet than good. What does your business brand need to look like to its market consumers? In order to express exactly what a business wants to express with its brand, branding agencies exist.

Reasons to Hire a Branding Agency

An ill-defined brand strategy is like sailing across the ocean without nautical equipment. In order to provide exactly what your business needs to get moving in the right direction, a branding agency will help you communicate across the whole of your marketing and advertising campaigns. It is imperative that the correct market

Marketing strategies for small enterprises and start-ups

Maybe you’ve been inspired by Simon & Garfunkel’s Go Tell It on the Mountain. In fact, you probably ought to find a snow-capped peak from which to lead a sermon on the great products you offer if you’re struggling to find an audience.It’s common for businesses to struggle in their first year, many young enterprises don’t survive the lows.

You know that what you have to sell is unique, but who else has been persuaded? Your competition maybe? So how did they do it? How did they get people to buy their product or services?

Marketing is everything, but starting small means only a small portion of an already tight budget can be allocated to advertising and SEO. So how can you make the most of that speck of an investment on your spreadsheet? Let’s look at a couple of ways for new enterprises to maximisemarketing strategies, like handing out stellar promotional items.

Real testimonials

Prove to new clients that the product or service you offer works. Find creative ways for satisfied clientele to share testimonials. An interesting video detailing a customer’s experience for instance. Written feedback should be posted directly

Strong marketing department drives firm performance, Iowa State researcher finds

Company executives take note — marketing matters.

Not only does marketing pay off in the short-term, but it has a positive effect on long-term shareholder returns, according to new research from Iowa State University’s College of Business. Hui (Sophia) Feng, lead author and assistant professor of marketing at Iowa State, says the study provides clear evidence of the marketing department’s value.

“During the economic crisis, the first thing firms cut was the marketing budget and staff,” Feng said. “The marketing department contributes to both the short-term and long-term, so managers should not be short-sighted and cut the marketing budget and staff just because of a crisis or poor quarterly figures. Managers need to look beyond one quarter or one year and see marketing is important.”

The study, published in the Journal of Marketing, measures marketing department power, and a firm’s ability to build and leverage brand equity and customer relationships. To objectively calculate these measures, Feng and colleagues Neil Morgan and Lopo Rego, at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, developed a new scale to measure marketing department power and marketing capabilities using publicly available data for more than 600 firms in the U.S. over a 16-year period. It is

Marketing Concepts and Techniques Challenged

The major marketing concept of customer orientation still seems to be a valid reference point. In the contemporary over-informed, over-stressed and hedonistic consumer society the customer is the one who decides to purchase a product, to be loyal to a brand or to switch to a competitor. We may agree, therefore, that “the need for such a [customer] focus has not changed” (Holland and Baker, 2001:44). The exchange value concept, however, might have been rendered obsolete by the “postmodern manoeuvre in marketing and consumer research” (Brown, in Baker, 2003:25). Let us assume that value may be created “during consumption, in sign-value” and not in “exchange-value, as modern economists claimed” (Baudrillard, in Firat and Venkatesh, 1993:235). In such a way the emphasis is on the customer’s personal experience and on the view, that “the value of consumption comes from the consumer experience” (Addis and Podesta, 2005:404).
According to the traditional theory, consumers are identified, targeted and acquired through a set of strategic tools such as segmentation, targeting and positioning. Different techniques and approaches based on statistical, “psychological, sociological, and economic principles and models” (Addis and Podesta, 2005:389) have been employed in service of these concepts. While these techniques are still in

How does business debt affect firm value and consumer satisfaction?

Feeling less satisfied with the businesses you patronize? It might be because those businesses are in a lot of debt. According to a new study in the Journal of Marketing, a company that has a lot of financial leverage–that is, a company that has a lot of debt in relation to its value–spends a lot less on advertising, which in turn decreases customer satisfaction.

“Surprisingly little research has been done on the effects of debt on marketing,” write the authors of the study, Ashwin Malshe (ESSEC Business School) and Manoj K. Agarwal (SUNY-Binghamton). “That’s surprising for a number of reasons, including the fact that companies with higher leverage tend to invest less in long-term, intangible assets–the very assets that have an impact on customer satisfaction.”

To investigate the relationship between leverage and marketing and the effect of that relationship on customer satisfaction, the authors used a sample of 171 firms surveyed in the American Customer Satisfaction Index over seventeen years. They estimated a system of five equations and found that higher leverage leads to less advertising, which in turn results in lower customer satisfaction. The impact of leverage on satisfaction is economically significant. As the authors report, a one-standard-deviation

Email Marketing in Your Web Marketing

Email marketing, sometimes also called web marketing or E-Marketing, is the method of marketing products or services through the internet using electronic mail. It is one of the most advanced and effective marketing technique presently available.

There are lots of advantages to email marketing over conventional marketing techniques. The Internet has acquired such popularity among the public, and has become the most widely used communication medium all over the world. Emails can include links to websites, and people like the ease of use of online shopping sites. Also they get the lowest price through internet shopping. The widespread use of credit cards and internet banking facilities affords more convenience and speed in the online shopping field.

The reduction in cost of marketing is another major advantage of email marketing. Since the medium uses digital format, it can avoid the printing and publishing costs associated with traditional marketing.

Online Marketing versus Conventional Marketing

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Millennials Make Marriage Proposals Public Affairs

Valentine’s Day this past weekend brought sweets and other treats for loved ones, and for some couples, an engagement. A hard-to-believe 6 million people told American Express that they were either expecting or planning a marriage proposal on the national love holiday.

How many actually materialized is unknown, but chances are that most were not low-key, drop-on-a-knee affairs. Proposals now require a fancy restaurant, flowers, a party with friends — and that’s the small-scale version.

In yet another generational difference, many millennials have turned marriage proposals into full-scale productions complete with flash mobs, singing groups and marching bands. It shouldn’t be surprising that a cohort of people who grew up on music videos and detail their daily lives on social media turns to YouTube to demonstrate their love. Why not go over the top when the magic moment finally presents itself?

An informal survey of online videos found proposals via fire trucks and skyscrapers, on snow-covered mountain tops and crowded beaches, and in police stations and coffee shops. Jimmy Kimmel’s show provided the backdrop for a proposal by a man dressed as Elmo the Muppet. On the TV show The Talk, 50 men proposed en masse. One that has drawn 30 million YouTube views

12 Marketing Ideas

1. Stayed focused on two or three core promotional messages.  Consumers do not have the time or interest to absorb a long list of messages from any one company. Some folks who execute well on “less is more” — Apple, Geico, WalMart, and makers of luxury goods like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Johnny Walker. Also two hospitals — Cleveland Clinic and Lenox Hill in New York City.

See also: 5 Great Home-Based Businesses

2. Humor has never been needed more than in fragile financial times like now.  Life is tough enough for most people without advertisers piling on with warnings about the future — medical, financial, or otherwise.  Capital One understands the power of humor. So does VW with their highly popular Darth Vader ads. We need to make consumers smile and feel good.  Now more than ever.

3. Get the family involved. Offers for the whole family will get more attention in 2012 and beyond. Wanting to spend more time with one’s family has been an upward trend

Products or solutions Can your sales team perform a diagnostic

It is not enough for your sales and marketing team to understand and sell services. Employees need to understand the complex marketplace and be able to tell clients what services and solutions are best for them.

I recently was in a position to review a series of high-quality sales presentations for several media organisations, and, at the same time, on the receiving end of yet another media organisation’s sales effort. It was quite a diverse array of players – a television station, metro newspaper, and cable entity – all with an arsenal of digital tools and Web/mobile audiences.

I was impressed with the quality of the presentations, both in graphics and content. In fact, I found myself developing enthusiasm with each organisation, their product portfolios, and the earnest professionals who were involved from each media organisation.

But the end result was the same in every case.

After providing an analysis of the marketplace, customers, and competitors, and then providing an overview of their capabilities/products, they in effect asked me to choose what products/services/tools I needed.

To me, this is tantamount to bringing a vehicle in need of repair to a reputable mechanic. The mechanic tells you all about your vehicle, provides an overview of

Making More Money Than I Thought Possible

I have a very good education, but I was not putting it to good use. I was just not able to find a great job in my town. Instead of raking in the big bucks, I was managing a pizza shop, which was definitely not fun. I decided I had enough one day, and I started looking for a work from home job. I knew that I should be able to find something with my degree, so I did a search for earn money from home program. I hit gold on my first attempt, because it took me to a video that showed me just lucrative working from home can be.

I am not naive at all. I know that there are a lot of people out there who selfishly profit off the sweat and tears of others. Continue reading “Making More Money Than I Thought Possible”

How to Fire an Employee The Right Way

As a small business owner, you might not even be able to imagine the possibility of firing one of your staff members. Each of your employees provides value to the company and helps keep things running smoothly. You could never let any of them go, could you?

The unpleasant reality of running a business is that sometimes, people must be fired. Whether it’s for reasons beyond anyone’s control — an economic downturn, a shifting marketplace, etc. — or because the employee has exhibited poor behavior or work ethic, there may come a day when you need to make a decision about someone’s future with your company.

Terminating an employee is never easy, and going about it the wrong way will result in an angry former staff member at best, and a hefty lawsuit at worst. Here’s how to go about this difficult process properly, from both a legal and a professional standpoint.